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Effective crisis management

Be prepared for any kind of event

What can ELU do for you?

Notify personnel

Notify teams via SMS, e-mail and a mobile app. Responses are automatically tracked and displayed, keeping you updated on everyone’s status.

Stay informed

All information sent to or from ELU is available to personnel directly in the mobile app and from any web browser.

Track personnel

Track your teams. Positional data is automatically shared through the use of the mobile app and the web browser.

Mobile flexibility

ELU is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android. When something happens you can easily notify persons or teams to join the response effort right from your phone.

Interact real-time

Content is instantly shared with all personnel. Everyone are kept up-to-date at all times. Share text, pictures and any other type of file.

Assign tasks

Assign tasks and responsibility. Personnel update task status on their mobile devices, and ELU automatically keeps you up-to-date on the progress.

Who is using elu?

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    Companies and corporations

    ELU enables you to manage incidents through real-time communication and task delegation. It enables you to instantly communicate with staff and partners in case of crises and disruptive events, and provides excellent post incident documentation. ELU is appreciated by our users because of it’s simplicity; virtually no training is needed. See our case studies for examples.

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    Event management

    Stadiums, sports events, concerts or simply the street market. Communicate with your entire team — both volunteers and professional staff. Receive invaluable real-time data from potentially hundreds of staff, then process, and communicate, ensuring everybody is notified and on top of the situation. Read more

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    Security companies

    Easy dispatching and management of all personnel during the course of active events. Share images of missing or suspicious persons to the entire team. Avoiding the downsides of only using radio as form of communication. Read more

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    ELU is an extremely adaptable system that benefits any company or organization that experiences critical and complex situations. The system works for businesses with a single location and for multinational enterprises.

Communicate with and track all personnel wherever they are

ELU benefits different markets

Event management

Use ELU to manage your event. Communicate with your teams and personnel during the event.

elu in Event management

Agriculture and livestock

Respond to fish farm escapes and other critical incidents, and reduce your response time.

ELU in fish farming

Security sector

Dispatch and manage all personnel during the course of events. Share images to entire teams.

ELU for Security companies
Emergency Log Unit has a noteworthy new approach for dealing with incidents with regards to, but not limited to, recording, communication, and record keepingDet Norske Veritas