ELU is perfect for events


ELU has already been used in several large-scale sporting events. During events like this, the organizer has major challenges in terms of communication with the crew and keeping on top of all incidents happening during the event.

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    ELU as event log

    Instead of using ELU to handle one particular crisis, you can create an ELU log as an event log. Use one event log to register all incidents during an event.

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    Inform your teams

    Use ELU to communicate with the teams – and for the teams to communicate with the event management.

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    Communicate in 3 ways

    Management and volunteers can interact through ELU in three ways. Using the web app, mobile app and SMS.

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    See the location of your teams

    All participants using ELU on the mobile app can share their position. This provides the management with the opportunity to see where their resources are located throughout the event.

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    Filter communication with specific teams

    All ELU users are assigned to a team. Being the first aid team, media team, management team etc. You can easily filter and search the event log to focus on the communication with a specific team.

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    Don't let any incidents slip from your attention

    By allowing everybody to report any minor or major incident during the event the management is ensured that all information is gathered in one place.


The crew often consist of different types of teams who all have their responsibilities and which are located at various locations during the event. Ensuring effective communication from the organizer to the teams, and vice versa is a major challenge.


Sporting events using ELU

Nordsjørittet is a 91 km long mountain bike race which runs between two cities on the southwest coast of Norway. 91 km with magnificent scenery, and over 12.000 participants.

Tour des Fjords is a Norwegian bicycle race over 5 stages. The race has a UCI 2.1 ranking, and with professional teams participating.

The Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon is an annual road marathon, held in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2015 more than 15.000 participated, originating from more than 40 countries. Will use ELU in the 2016 marathon.

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