ELU in fish farming

Farmed fish is one of the largest export industries with a value of 50 billion NOK in 2015, and Norway is now the world’s largest supplier of farmed salmon. It is an important industry for Norway, both in terms of wealth creation and employment. The industry has gotten increasingly stringent environmental regulations in connection with prevention and notification of escaped fish. This is why we now would like to present the fish farming industry to ELU, as an essential tool for improving the preparedness and management of undesirable events.

Escaped fish from farms is a major environmental threat, and the industry is, therefore, subject to statutory requirements in relation to notification and handling of escaped fish. If an accident should happen, it is important to have procedures in place and that the situation is responded to immediately. Authorities should be notified, measures must be taken to capture the escapees, damages need to be repaired etc.

All this requires that a number of people (or teams / organizations) can get alerted as early as possible. And initiate a series of necessary measures. In this context, ELU is of great advantage, and an invaluable tool both in relation to the overall readiness of the fish farm, but also in dealing with real situations.


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Advantages of using ELU

response after escape

ELU notifies preconfigured groups of people in a matter of seconds after an escape has been exposed. You are not only able to notify the necessary personnel but you are also automatically assured how the personnel has responded to the notification. That way you can, initiate moderation measures, with the reassurance that you have notified the appropriate authorities and that you will get the help you need. All alerts can be sent via SMS, email and push notifications in the app. In this way, you are able to notify a number of different people, teams, and organizations, leaving your focus to manage the escape, rather than wasting crucial time by calling lots of people.



When an escape has occurred, it is important that external parties are notified in order to be able to prevent or limit the damage. This can be surrounding farms, local and regional government, and other companies that can contribute to the catch. It is essential that these agencies are notified, as well as keeping control of the information that is given externally. ELU offers both notification and a public front for the exchange of information in real time. Through an incident log, you will have full control of all relevant information, and which of the information that has been made public / approved for media and so on.

real-time view of resources location

If fish escape, it is important that you quickly get started mitigating action. This could be by deploying nets by river mouths, around neighboring fish farms, the implementation of other methods for catch etc. By using ELU’s geolocation functionality, you will automatically be able to see where the various boats and resources are. In this way, you will quickly be able to assess the situation and see exactly where your essential resources are. In this way, you can use ELU to reassign resources to different locations, providing to your needs in a best possible way.

DOCUMENTING your actions

ELU can be used to manage and coordinate all kinds of situations and events. The system has proved extremely effective in all situations that require more people or groups to work together to complete a task, where it is important to have access to a shared, updated, information and simple means of communication. When using ELU, all participants in a situation be updated independently of the technical aids they possess: SMS, app or the web. All information going in or out of ELU are logged and are easily accessible after the incident has been solved for evaluation, documentation, and review.


When an escape has taken place, it is important that you are able to document exactly what was done to prevent damage. The documentation can be handled over to authorities, insurance companies etc., but also to evaluate and learn from the situation so as to prevent similar situations. When ELU is used to handle an undesirable situation, it is precisely the incident log which is one of the system’s major strengths. Everything from the first notification of the entire event has been solved, are being logged. All communication from or with persons that has accepted the invitation to join the incident log will be logged. Communication through ELU can be made either by SMS, web interface or a separate, dedicated mobile app. The advantage is that getting a chronological log that can be read in real time, and serves as reliable data in retrospect.

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Short video presentation of ELU

Short teaser showing ELU in use in fish farming.

This is a short video presenting ELU. The video show scenarios from the oil industry but ELU will benefit business or industry that needs quick response and efficient handling of incidents.