ELU for
Security companies

Within the security sector there are still not many good alternatives for using radio as a primary tool for communicating while managing events and incidents.

With the Emergency Log Unit (ELU) the security company is given an excellent tool for dispatching, and managing all personnel during the course of active events

Key features

  • Connector.

    Secure communication

    All dispatched personnel and teams are given access to a shared communication feed giving everyone access to the same information. All information added to the feed are immediately pushed to all users.

  • Connector.

    Dispatch personnel

    By Mobile app, SMS and Email. Receive immediate feedback from their response.

  • Connector.

    Track personnel

    During the event you are able to track all personnel by using geo-location in the mobile app. Personnel are also able to see the location of team members.

  • Connector.

    Coordinate personnel

    Make sure that personnel are distributed in the best possible way. If an incident occur on one location, dispatch a team or certain personnel to handle that specific situation.

  • Connector.

    Media distribution

    With the ability to take and add photos directly to the event-feed all personnel immediately can see the matter of attention, being able to handle it more swiftly. For example distributing an image of a missing child, suspicious persons and so on.

radio vs elu

Communication with radio

Communication with ELU

Messages are transmitted to everyone who can receive the signal

Information is shared with specific persons or teams



who is actually listening?

All personnel can read and share information

Is it secure?

The log of the live communication feed is always available

Has everyone heard and received the message?

No chance of missing important messages

In noisy environments, it is hard to perceive the message

Images can be shared and viewed by everyone who is granted access

A person is missing, but there is now way to share images over radio

Track the location of all personnel and teams using the mobile app

Notifications about suspicious persons are hard to communicate without be able to send images.

All communication is documented for review


“This tool will be a really important tool for our day-to-day operations.”
Phil Hampton - ProductionGlue

“Many of our events are on such large venues that radio simply does not work. Emergency Log Unit overcomes that critical problem.”
David Yorio, Citadel Security Agency

“Emergency Log Unit gives me the ability to run distributed events in parallel.”
John Lafferty - Rock Security

“Emergency Log Unit is our preferred tool for possible crisis situations. It enables our Emergency Response Team to maintain a robust and sustainable operational level throughout a challenging situation”
Rune Herringbotn - Ocean Installer

Get a 14 day free trial

We can offer your company a 14-day free use of ELU so that you are able to try out and review ELU in your organization. You will also be able to assess your own response time and crisis preparedness..