Increase your personnels security on business trips

When employees are traveling it is the company’s responsibility to make sure they are safe. Many organizations are now discovering how Emergency Log Unit can help making their employees’ travels safer. By using the tool, companies can reach out to all employees that are on travel, and check their status very fast. They can even find out exactly where the employees are! Status messages can be sent, and the software will automatically and efficiently track responses from employees.

For example, if a company has 20 employees on travel in an area that is stroke by extreme weather, accidents, terror etc, the company can send a status message to each of these employees through Emergency Log Unit. The status message can contain any message, but would typically say “We want to check with you if you are OK. Answer OK to this message if you are OK.”

When responses are recorded in Emergency Log Unit, the tool will present an easy to understand dashboard with information about how many persons have answered the message, how many have responded positively and how many have responded negatively. This tool can be used to find out which employees may need help or need to be contacted directly via other channels.

Status messages sent from Emergency Log Unit provides a very fast way to reach out to many employees simultaneously and to get responses back in a structured and manageable way. Persons that do not reply to the status messages, must, of course, be followed up through alternative channels, but Emergency Log Unit reduces the work of reaching out to many persons at the same time by collecting replies and presenting them in a structured manner so the company can spend time on the persons that do not reply or reply negatively.

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